For the past several years I've begun each worship service with what I call my "pastoral prayer."  It goes something like this: "Don't be afraid. Always remember that we are God's children living in our Father's world.  As long as we live, God surrounds us with good gifts, our families and homes, the possibility of human love, and the church.  He gives us inner gifts, inner peace and hope, healing, forgiveness , and grace.  God whispers to us in our dark nights that all shall be well. And when our life on earth has reached its conclusion, God will take us by the hand and lead us to that place where we will be with those we love."  And so we gather each Sunday to worship in the light of God's amazing grace.


It was that same truth that surrounded the beginnings of the Raven Creek Church, which reaches back 210 years.  In 1810 Presbyterians from here gathered at the Sugarloaf Log Church, where they worshiped for over 60 years. It was in 1872 that the Presbyterians decided to create a sanctuary and cemetary here at Raven Creek, and that church served as a vital center for this community.  In 1925, the congregation acquired the community building to create a fellowship hall, a place for shared meals, celebrations, concerts, and the thrift shop which continues to serve the community.






For some time, the church shared ministry with congregations in Orangeville, Benton, and Rohrsburg. For the most of the 1970's into the 1080's, Raven Creek was a "Sunday School Church," Providing Christian education for children and adults, with a monthly worship service provided by visiting ministers.  In 1985, the congregation decided to re-establish weekly worship with a succession of part-time ministers.



This Church has endured over these two centuries because it has been a spiritual family.  Our hopes and dreams are rooted in and consistant with our long heritage.  We come to worship in the light of God's grace. We maintain this presence, this tradition and witness in Raven Creek.  We know God did not create his children to live in isolation, but in community, he calls us to be fellow travlers who support and care for one another.  The church that grew from the ministry of Jesus and his small group of followers remains a miricle; against all odds,  It spread into the whole world, and that miracle continues its life among us here in Raven Creek.



Rev. Al Lumpkin

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